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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Of Cabbages and Kings

Back from a hiatus.

While I was away,
  • Got fired from the last job. I still believe it had nothing do with my blogging activities using the work computer. They wouldn't do that, would they?
  • Collected unemployment benefits for the first time in my life. The last time I was in between jobs was in March '98.
  • After a month's unemployment, got hired at a new place. A long way off from home.
  • At the new place, I am putting to test the theory "Blogging from one's work computer never got anyone fired." If the posts suddenly dry up hereabout, it would be elementary to deduce what could have happened.
  • The new work place is real small, a startup. The first thing I had to do upon joining was to assemble my desk and chair! Only around 10 guys in the office, and no women so far. Loud profanities pepper every conversation, technical or non-technical. Company-provided lunch (invariably Middle Eastern cuisine, since the CEO is from Israel) once in a while. All in all, it's been fun so far.
  • I still have a lot of fond memories from the previous company. I came to the US as an employee there. At the time I joined there, I was newly married, and clueless about life in general. By the time I left there, I had become older, more mature, a father, and still generally clueless about life.
'But wait a bit,' the Oysters cried,
'Before we have our chat;
For some of us are out of breath,
And all of us are fat!'


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