Elephant Droppings

Friday, May 05, 2006

Consolidation, Not Expansion

Since our CEO was feeling rather magnanimous today, he ordered Chinese lunch for the whole company (that would be around 8 people). Usually, during such free lunches we get Middle Eastern cuisine (Israeli kosher food -- hummus, falafel, shawrma, pita, and the rest) (I *love* that food), or pizza (I *hate* that food), but probably today he was feeling adventurous, and also if he had ordered one more MidEast lunch, there could have been a riot here since most of my colleagues heartily detest it.

The lunch was from a Hunan restaurant near-by (a plus point as far as I am concerned since they know the meaning of 'spicy'), and consisted of regular Chinese dishes - a lot of beef, pork, chicken, and tofu. At the end of it, when we opened the fortune cookies (the small snacky things that conceal a piece of paper with your fortune on it), our Marketing Manager Dan suggested that we all play a game. Each of us would read out our fortune, and add "in bed" at the end of it. Everyone agreed since it sounded fun. So we had stuff like:
  • "The coming year will find you in good fortune." + "in bed"
  • "Your talents will be much appreciated by your employer." + "in bed."
  • "You know many ways to please others." + "in bed." etc
But the one that had all of us in ROTFLMAO positions was my friend Borya's fortune. It read: "Consider consolidation of your resources, rather than their expansion."